PT. Lima Utama Wisesa - Sea Transport & Logistic Company


We’re able to lead challenging shipping and logistic projects whilst having a tactical team capable of delivering intuitive and engaging complicated custom clearance - paperworks. We’ve established a way of working with you that’s focussed on delivering reliable services that meets you or your end users’ needs, and your business goals.

National / Domestic Sea Freight Services

5 Utama typically handle all kinds of route request for shipping in the Indonesian sea. We have a reputation and proven expertise mainly in the route of Surabaya, Gresik, Kumai, Banjarmasin, Pangkalanbun, Jakarta and many more. As a professional domestic sea fright company, 5 Utama knows that exceptional management of domestic shipping is crucial to every client’s business on a daily basis. The wide range of sea shipping solutions from 5 Utama can safely ship your cargo across the islands, worry free! We provide shipping solutions that require extra care and service – while still meeting the time, budget and specific requirements of your freight logistics. 

Export Import Handling & Custom Clearance

5 Utama also provide full-service international freight import and export handling and custom clearance. We are your reliable logistics partner that offers innovative commercial freight shipping and brokerage services. All you need to do is just sit down and relax, have in mind that we have done this for decades and you can be assured that we know our way to clear out your goods.

See the difference of our personal service that offers tailored freight solutions, and let us deliver your goods to any commercial destination worldwide.

Load & Unloading

We will go extra miles to avoid you from the hassles that you don’t need to do. With extensive experience in the shipping industry, we know that all of our customers just need to have goods arrived timely and effective. We can do the load and unloading goods, all services in one roof so you can just deal with 5 Utama, instead of with so many vendors. Even little things can go wrong when handled with inexperienced vendors. At 5 Utama, we only employ well-trained professionals who have the knowledge of how to get the job done right at the safest and most secure way possible. We have been open for business for more than 30 years. With our load and unloading service as a value added servcice, we make sure 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Trucking & Door to Door Delivery

5 Utama offers local trucking service anywhere where you land your goods in domestic route of Indonesia. We can transport goods up to 500 tons with our delivery force. Our trucking service can even deliver to your location within a short period, and it’s a “to-your-front-door” serice.

As your reliable partner, 5 Utama will help you save time and money on all of your dailiy basis logistic. Let us do the hassle, meanwhile you just need to focus on growing your business.


5 utama route of shippings are from Surabaya to Kumai and Kumai to Surabaya 1 time every week and from Surabaya to various ports in Indonesia upon our customers' request.

KM. Tanjung Baru
GT. 666
On Route : Kumai
KM. Pulau Baru
GT. 905
KM. Lintas Damai 1
GT 1.741